K. V. PUBLIC SCHOOL सकरौली छर्रापट्टी की ओर से आपके और आपके पूरे परिवार को सरस्वती पूजा (वसंत पंचमी) की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं।

Every school has and is a story. Every life connected to a school, regardless of age or role, is a part of and is shaped by that story. That is why school and especially this school are such special place K.V.P.S is one of the premier educational hub at begusarai town in bihar. Imparting quality education since 2016. The school follows the C.B.S.E. stream with classes from play to std Vlll. Our K.V.P.S full fill from several facilities. Since its inception. K.V.PUBLIC SCHOOL has grounded students in the foundational skills and literacy, the school has approximately 700 hundred students presently go it is a big school and its large building with its shining like a temple of education really.

Parents from all socio – economic groups have realized that good education is the best way that they can equip their child with to succeed in the present competitive word.

Over the next year, You will appreciate our efforts to provided the best possible educational experiences for your children and that we are a different school of thought. It will be our constant endeavour to improve on our performance.

K.v.public school full fill this rule “honesty smart work = success” so I hope you give well education together tight/ well discipline, your child progress every day, and every time. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the of many resources available to them-their teachers, the library, the computer lab, smart classes, full discipline, swimming pool, hostel and treatment facilities. Because it is based on C.B.S.E curriculum its affiliated by CBSE new delhi. So it is called educational hub in India.

K.V.PUBLIC SCHOOL make a bright future every students. Its all teacher are perfect in his subject and discipline. The school has a beautiful garden, play ground and beside the river…….


The K.V.PUBLIC SCHOOL wants to make a good platform in India but it isn’t easy because our students will be progress the our school will be progress So aim of k.v.p.s very highly but I shall be your positive thoughts. Our school provide a congenial environment for all-round development of personality and its integration with the society, particularly in reference to the Indian context. Positive ideas are inculcated in students regarding personal hygiene, neatness of uniform, cleanliness of surrounding, graceful manners, obedience and discipline, To achieve high academic standards, personal attention is given to each individual child.

Highly motivated and dedicated team of teachers plays the role model for the children. Individual care and personalized coaching and regular effort have woven a very vibrant and inspiring environment.

Learning is a joy here as teachers make their lessons very interesting by following various methods of teaching viz demonstration, experimentation, project work, home assignment, play –way, micro-teaching ,project work, structure method etc. education is child centred here and singing, mimicry, playing dramatization echo in the campus. The strength and success of k.v.public school live in the harmonious blend of science and technology and a sound grounding of ancient vedic, culture. The aim of k.v.public school is, to inculcate in the students a thirst for knowledge devotion to duty, honesty, patriotic fervour besides humanities. We impart an education “to build” and an education “to play”.